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Awka Historical Society


Awka Historical Society


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About Us


1. To retrieve and promote the classical literature and folklore of Awka history, and as well drive new scholarly research into the history and culture of Awka people from antiquity to present day 

2. To revive professional and popular interest in Awka history and historiography, hoping to instill a renewed sense of historical consciousness among Awka people 

3. To promote Awka customs and tradition, elevating its language and idioms, using modern media and linguistic tools

4. To leverage local, national and global resources for the preservation of Awka culture, art and historical monuments

5.  To drive the revival of Awka blacksmithing craft, helping to transform it into a modern foundry technology that could galvanize and diversify Awka economy 

6.  To work with Awka political and cultural elites to rebuild Awka traditional institutions based on a deeper underdstanding of Awka history

7.  To publish (jointly if necessary) a high-quality monthly magazine that promotes Awka unity and Awka development agenda, featuring historical book excerpts and essays focused on Awka issues, and also offering contemporary journalism with incisive reports on important issues pertaining to Awka as a community and state capital territory

8. To organize an annual Awka History Day event, with lectures and activities arranged in Awka (and where possible in the diaspora), showcasing Awka culture and Awka excellence

About Awka

Source: Okwanka

This is basic public information about Awka town from Wikipedia.

Awka (Igbo: Ọka) is the capital of Anambra State, Nigeria with an estimated population of 301,657 As of 2006 Nigerian census. The city is located 199.1 kilometres (123.7 mi), by road, directly north of Port Harcourt in the centre of the densely populated Igbo heartland in south east Nigeria.

The West-East Federal highway links Lagos, Benin City, Asaba, Onitsha, and Enugu to Awka and several local roads link it to other important towns such as Ekwulobia, Agulu, Enugwu-Ukwu, Abagana and Nnewi.

Strategically, Awka is located midway between two major cities in Northern Igboland, Onitsha and Enugu which has informed its choice as an administrative center for the colonial authorities and today as a base for the Anambra State government.

In pre-colonial days Awka also became famous as the home of the Agbala Oracle a deity that was said to be a daughter of the great Long Juju shrine of Arochukwu. The Agbala Oracle (which Chinua Achebe drew on for inspiration in his book Things Fall Apart) was consulted to resolve disputes far and wide until it was finally destroyed by colonial authorities in the early part of the 20th century. Today, Awka is the capital of Anambra state of Nigeria. 

(Source: Wikipedia. For more details, see

Detailed historical information is available through Awka Historical Society (AHS).